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No matter what you do, there is always going to be a few people who are going to have something negative to say about you, or what you’re doing. Never mind that. There are over 7 billion people in this world and it is impossible to please everyone.

Do what makes you happy and enjoy life.
Create as much memories as possible. #SMILE
I give thanks for music and all the people that I’ve met/affected along the way. Big up to all the DJs who play my music (BIG or small), respect to all the producers and much love to all my fans… (Yes I have fans, BITCH… And I don’t mean COOL BREEZE type of fans either) lol.

Much Love, KHAOS.

When you’re new and in-need of support, a lot of people will treat you as if you’re invisible.. they will overlook your work and efforts and push you to the side (like clean clothes that you’re too lazy to fold).
But as soon as you make PROGRESS! Some of those people are going to want to laugh and talk with you, as if they were apart of your journey all a long.

Support the people who genuinely love & support YOU! Give them a reason to stick around.
Accept your failure and let yourself be inspired from it.

'When you're about to give up, always remember the reason why you started.'



- Love to all, Khaos 👊 #NewTalent #TheFuture #Believe

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